ixs-pal® pallet

The unique design and folding of the ixs-pal® pallet features following characteristics:

•  sizes: 800 x 1200 x 118 mm / 1000 x 1200 x 118 mm
•  weight: 3,3 kg / 3,5 kg
•  can be handled from all sides using floor conveyor systems (four-way pallet)
•  static loadable with up to ca. 3 tons
•  suitable for roller conveyors
•  produced from only ca. 3 m2 corrugated board

The ixs-pal® pallet offers a variety of uses and can be used everywhere, especially by manufacturers supplying products in corrugated packaging.

The ixs-pal® pallet provides additional benefits:

•  pallet production „just-in-time“
•  can be produced in various sizes
•  printable with complete designs
•  cost-effective
•  recyclable

Further positive effects by using the ixs-pal® pallet:

Reduction of Transport cost and CO2 emissions for the delivery of empty pallets.
One mega trailer can transport cuttings for 2600 ixs-pal® pallets or only 680 wooden pallets.
680 wooden pallets weigh up to 15 tons, the cuttings for 2600 ixs-pal® pallets only ca. 8,6 tons.
Using the ixs-pal® pallet reduces the otherwise required space for empty pallets by 75%, stockpiling only the ixs-pal® pallet cuttings.
Compared to wooden pallets, the lower height of the ixs-pal® pallet allows a better utilisation of the cargo area height and can be loaded with 2% more cargo.
The lower weight of the ixs-pal® pallet (3,3 kg compared to 22 kg of a wooden pallet) leads to fuel savings during transport. At full load (e.g. with 34 ixs-pal® pallets) ca. 600 kg are transported less compared to usage of wooden pallets. The fuel consumption per 100 km can be reduced by ca. 0.9 liter
The ixs-pal® pallet is light and is perfectly suitable for air cargo.
The ixs-pal® pallet is a wood-free product, so it does not need to comply with the requirements of the ISPM 15 (IPPC) standard during export.

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