ixs-pal® pallet system

With the ixs-pal® pallet system concept Karimov GmbH, together with leading european partners, provides an innovative pallet former for compact mechanical production of ca. 150 corrugated pallets per hour.

The ixs-pal® pallet system is an economic and technical solution for the optimization of the pallet management.

The space-saving production of the ixs-pal® pallet is achieved by deviding the pallet in four identical modules. The modules are produced from equal-sized cuttings by folding and glueing.

The unification and surface reduction of the initial cutting to 0,711 m2 provides following advantages:

•  the pallet former is compact and efficient
•  the pallets can be produced internally and on demand
•  the ixs-pal® system can be integrated in existing production processes and packaging systems
•  the pallet is produced „just-in-time“ on-site of the palletizing

Many processes of the wooden pallet supply chain are concentrated and combined in the ixs-pal® pallet system. The creation of the pallet is shifted directly to the site of the palletizing.

The ixs-pal® pallet system is an innovative solution for production of corrugated pallets, which allows the resource-saving replacement of wooden pallets and complies with the change of economy and society to act in an environmentally friendly manner.

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